Water Softeners

Water Softeners completely remove calcium and magnesium from the water ensuring that soft water is available for your requirements, prolonging the life of plumbing and appliances. Soft water will allow your washing detergent, soaps and shampoos to function optimally.

Aquamat imports automatic softener valves directly from Clack Corporation in the United States of America. The Clack Valve is superior to alternatives, in terms of quality, reliability and efficiencies. Aquamat imports in bulk, and spares and parts are readily available.

*Important to note: Water softener sizes are specified according to the Calcium / Hardness mg/l, and not the desired flow rate

Water Softeners
Model Tank Resin Capacity Valve Size Valve Capcity Valve Code Brine Tank
AQ60 FRP 10×54 50lt 25mm Up to 6 000lt/hr WS 1 200lt
AQ100 FRP 13×54 90lt 25mm Up to 6 000lt/hr WS 1 200lt
AQ120 FRP 14×65 120lt 25mm Up to 7 500lt/hr WS 1.25 200lt
AQ140 FRP 16×65 150lt 40mm Up to 14 400lt/hr WS 1.5 450lt