Ultraviolet Sterilisation Residential UV’s

Ultraviolet Sterilisers are used in applications where chemicals and other media are not suitable for the use of water treatment or purification. They kill bacteria and also leave no residual product. This solution is also used as a final sterilisation process before distribution and/or use of water. Aquamat boast a wide range of small- footprint, high capacity UV systems manufactured in the Netherlands. Low- and medium-pressure lamps are also available and are CE certified.

Residential UV’s
Code Flow rate Lamp Life Inlet & Outlet Operating pressure
UV55 Up to 3 000lt/h 8 000 hours 40mm 5bar
UV115 Up to 9 000lt/h 8 000 hours 50mm 5bar
UV115/2 Up to 18 000l/h 8 000 hours 50mm 5barr