Ultraviolet Sterilisation Industrial UV’s

Ultraviolet Sterilisers are used in applications where chemicals and other media are not suitable for the use of water treatment or purification. They kill bacteria and also leave no residual product. This solution is also used as a final sterilisation process before distribution and/or use of water. Aquamat boast a wide range of small- footprint, high capacity UV systems manufactured in the Netherlands. Low- and medium-pressure lamps are also available and are CE certified.

Industrial UV’s
Type Available
UVXL4250L5 see options UVEST1, UVETD NW200 164 217
UVXL6250L5 see options UVEST1, UVETD NW200 245 325
UVXL8250L5 see options UVEST1, UVETD NW200 326 433
UVXL10250L5 see options UVEST1, UVETD NW200 408 541
UVXL12250L5 see options UVEST1, UVETD NW250 489 650
UVXL14250L5 see options UVEST1, UVETD NW250 571 758
UVXL16250L5 see options UVEST1, UVETD NW250 652 866
UVXL18250L5 see options UVEST1, UVETD NW250 734 974
*Capacity in m³/h at 40mJ/cm2
Optional Extras
Code Description
UVEST1 UV sensor, type Us1 (external sensor)
UVEST4 UV sensor, type Us4 (internal sensor)
UVEMCXE Manual anti-fouling mechanism (except for UVXL18)
UVEECXE Electrical anti-fouling mechanism UVXLE
UVEPCU & UVEPCZ Position of connections in U-shape or Z-shape
UVE1/4C Extra connection on chamber 1/4” incl. plug
UVE400V3LN Powersupply 400V 3L +N
UVE400V3L Powersupply 400V 3L without N
UVE440V3L Powersupply 440V 3L without N
UVEPS60HZ Powersupply with 60Hz instead of 50Hz
UVEMOD1-7 Modbus 1-7 lamp systems
UVEMOD8+ Modbus more than7 lamp systems
UVEXEPHARMA pharma execution UVXL (excl. certificates)
UVETE250 UV lamp E250
UVESQ250 Quartz sleeve Q250
UVEEBT2 Electronic ballast for 2 lamps
10”ANSI/NW250/DIN2576 flanges
12”ANSI/NW300/DIN2576 flanges