Aquamat industrial ultra-filtration systems are widely used as a water pre- treatment before reverse osmosis systems for ultra-fine drinking water. This allows for a reduction of sediments and colloidal particles with a filtration range of up to 0.03 microns.
Aquamat systems are equipped with high-performance DOW (trademark) ultra-filtration elements SFP-2860-XP, based on the advanced XP ultrafiltration fiber, which allows the consumer to obtain 35% purer water in comparison with analogues.

Aquamat ultra-filtration systems are equipped with hydraulic and chemical backwash blocks (BW&CEB) for convenient operation and can be equipped with a CIP station as an option.

Benefits of UV over traditional media filtration:

  • Significantly smaller footprint
  • very low water wastage as opposed to back washing
  • Removal of bacteria and viruses ( 0.2 microns vs 5 microns)
  • Eliminates flocculation and clarifier
  • Easily upgraded to larger production requirements
  • Low Operating Cost
Ultra-Filtration Solutions
Code Product Membranes Filtration area, m2
UFR102MBBWCEB 02UF Skid-BW&CEB station 2 102
UFR204MBBWCEB 04UF Skid-BW&CEB station 4 204
UFR306MBBWCEB 06UF Skid-BW&CEB station 6 306
UFR408MBBWCEB 08UF Skid-BW&CEB station 8 408