The Aquamaster

  • The AQUAMASTER provides deeper ground penetration while reducing water usage by up t o 30%
  • Prevents irrigation systems from scale buildup and corrosion.
  • Improves plant growth and the uptake of nutrients.
  • Better fungicide, insecticide or herbicide cover age, allowing more reach and contact to its target .

How It Works

Catalytic Ionizing:
The AQUAMASTER applies the concept that catalytic ionizing conditions water and restricts the effects of minerals and metals. The molecular structure of water is changed and surface tension is eliminated resulting in a significantly improved water quality suitable for a wide range of applications

Quality Engineered:
The electrode core is manufactured from the precise blending of dissimilar noble metals. The core’s fit into a stainless steel housing that is installed in the main water feed line.

Water Conditioner:
Hard, saline and brackish water are thus conditioned to optimum standards.

No Operating Costs:
High volumes of water can be treated at no running cost other than the 20-watt of electricity required if a electron booster is used (optional).

Electrodes of Dissimilar Noble Metals”
The AQUAMASTER comprises of electrodes compiled of dissimilar noble metals blended in specific proportions to obtain an electrochemical catalyst.

Electron Booster:
A low electric current supplied via an electron “booster” constantly charges the AQUAMASTER core with negative electrons so that increased ion exchange occurs when the ions in the salts and other minerals are polarized. Changing the AQUAMASTER with negative electrons from the electron booster (using only 20-watt electricity) causes ions in the salts to polarized and exchange. Plant’s, especially, love electrons.

Venturi Effect:
The specially patterned electrodes create a venturi effect causing high turbulence to bring all molecules in touch with the electrode core when water flows through the AQUAMASTER.

Aquamaster Range:

The size of the AQUAMASTER is determined by the number and size of electrode cores used in order to accommodate various flow rates.

This applies to:

  • Small single core units for domestic applications;
  • Medium sized single or multi-core units for settlements and resorts;
  • Large multi-core units for irrigation schemes and municipal water supplies to towns and villages.

1 x 32mm Core

1 x 34.7mm Core

1 x 70mm Core

1 x 100mm Core

3 x 70mm Core

2 x 100mm Core

3 x 100mm Core

6 x 70mm Core

6 x 100mm Core

Electron Booster