The Aquamaster

  • The AQUAMASTER provides deeper ground penetration while reducing water usage by up t o 30%
  • Prevents irrigation systems from scale buildup and corrosion.
  • Improves plant growth and the uptake of nutrients.
  • Better fungicide, insecticide or herbicide cover age, allowing more reach and contact to its target .

The Science

Water is made of H2O, hydrogen and oxygen, two of the most common elements in the universe and is a polar charged molecule. This simply means each H2O molecule carries both a positive and a negative charge.

This kind of polar attraction is called “Hydrogen Bonding” and it’s what gives water it’s surface tension and the tendency to hold together and from little droplets. Without this strong Hydrogen Bonding water would be, in effect , wetter and spread around much more easily.

By lowering the strenght of this Hydrogen Bonding in return lowers the surface tension of water and in the process makes it “wetter” and greatly increases the plants ability to absorb nutrients.

The lower the surface tension in a pesticide solution, the better the pesticide coverage, allowing more pesticide to reach it’s target .

The AQUAMASTER, on the other hand, improves the plants uptake of nutrients and use of active ingredients because it does two important things:

  • Improves nutrient availability
  • Improves cellular permeability

It’s this unique ability that makes the AQUAMASTER the absolute best way to treat water for foliar spraying. When mixed and applied it will assist in dispersing each nutrient or active ingredient over a slick layer of water that spreads itself to cover more surface area per spray.

Field Results:

  • Tobacco farmers from Thambazimbi obtain super grade quality leaves of 500mm diameter and 1030mm and higher prices.
  • Export quality grapes ready for harvesting near Roedtan. 94% of this crop was exported. There was a marked improvement after the water was treated by the AQUAMASTER. Previously the plants would simply not absorb Potassium.
  • Tomato and onion farmers produce top quality products with longer shelf life up to 200% better crops have been achieved.
  • Vegetable and tunnel farmers show improved yields.
  • Olive farmers produce better results.
  • Citrus farmers perform above aver age yields.
  • The AQUAMASTER shows great improvement in maize, wheat, paprika, cotton and many other types of crops.
  • In various areas, potatoes produced more than 60 tons per hectar.
  • Drinking water is improved for livestock, dairy the poultry farming as harmful substances are neutralized.