The Aquamaster

  • The AQUAMASTER provides deeper ground penetration while reducing water usage by up t o 30%
  • Prevents irrigation systems from scale buildup and corrosion.
  • Improves plant growth and the uptake of nutrients.
  • Better fungicide, insecticide or herbicide cover age, allowing more reach and contact to its target .

The Mechanics



The mechanical elimination of adhesive substances combined with the natural harmonics of water in motion create conditioned water for a lifetime without adding salt or chemicals.

Large clusters of molecules are thus broken down through a process of ionization which results in the reduced water particles being more readily absorbed by organisms ranging from humans to animals and plant.

Scale build-up stops, existing scale is removed by electron rich water and corrosion caused by trapped gas is eliminated.

Before Conditioning:
Viewed through a microscope at 400 percent magnification, then dense water molecules are visible.

After Conditioning:
It is quite evident how conditioning alters the water structure in the microscopic illustration.

Origin of the Technology:
When developing the AQUAMASTER, we looked at many “originals” available in the market, ranging from California to Israel and South Africa. Via Spectrometer testing we found that all the prevailing models in the market fell short of the claimed noble metal percentages.

The challenge resides in the manufacturing of the electrode core! This requires casting the various dissimilar noble metals, each of which has a totally different melting point, into a high quality designed core that would ensure that the desired optimal results would be achieved. The task of unifying these metals proved to almost be impossible.

So, we looked elsewhere, Denel was approached to solve the problem of mixing metals with different melting points and ultimately a perfect synergy of quality and effeciency was achieved.