The Aquamaster

  • The AQUAMASTER provides deeper ground penetration while reducing water usage by up t o 30%
  • Prevents irrigation systems from scale buildup and corrosion.
  • Improves plant growth and the uptake of nutrients.
  • Better fungicide, insecticide or herbicide cover age, allowing more reach and contact to its target .

The Benefits

Reduces Water Usage:
Water percolates soil vertically, directly to the root zone, reducing puddles and run off.

Prevents Scale Damage:
The AQUAMASTER is a preventative measure limiting scale build-up and failure of costly equipment. In many farming areas the AQUAMASTER is exclusively applied to protect center pivots and drip irrigation systems against scale build-up.

Treats Hard & Brackish Water:
Enabling growers to utilize hard, saline and brackish water which often put strain on growing conditions resulting in numerous side effects.

Improves The Uptake of Nutrients:
Deeper ground penetration enables plants to extract more nutrients from the soil and produce higher crop yields per hectare. Plants grow quicker and healthier, seed germination and maturity is enhanced.

Mineral Salts are Separated:
The mineral salts are separate from the water molecules when ion exchange separate positive elements from negative.

  • Neutralizes mineral salts thereby preventing soil from becoming brackish;
  • Mineral salts do not cause stress, stagnation or leaf burn from excessive salinity;
  • White deposits are prevented on plants;
  • Fertilization is far more effective with treated water.

Better Spray Coverage & Performance:
The waxy surfaces of many insects, fungi and plants make it difficult for most water based spray solutions to penetrate their target. By decreasing the surface tension of “spray solutions” reduces the tendency of spray droplets to bounce off its target. This effect allows for better deposition and retention on surfaces and maximizes the performance of agricultural chemicals and biological/microbial based agro-solutions.

Prevents Rust & Corrosion:
The molecular structure of the water is changed completely with the AQUAMASTER. Iron and other metals do not precipitate, causing corrosion, biofilm growth or blockages of pipelines, spray nozzles, etc.

A list of benefits created by changes in the molecular structure of water:

Surface tension is broken, resulting in:

  • Water carrying nutrients is much easier absorbed by the hair roots of plants;
  • Water being “wetter” therefore up to 30% less irrigation wets more and spreads better;
  • The structure of hard water (especially brackish water, which is in clusters) is charged to a finer structure which is noticeable in over head irrigation as finer drops are visible;
  • Water percolates better into soil, reducing puddles and run-off;
  • The leaching property of the water is greatly improved so that accumulated salts are leached away from root zone;
  • Increased dissolved oxygen availability eliminates algae and retards black layer effects;
  • Treated water aerates and loosens soil so that clots in the soil will eventually be eliminated;
  • The negative charge ensures that colloidal elements in existing scale is removed. The scale is dissolved and the system cleaned up.