Chlorine Dosing (ADD)

Dutrion is a food grade chlorine dioxide disinfectant used for bacteria elimination and disinfecting of water supplies.

Dutrion Tablet® is a transportable, non-explosive, single composite chlorine dioxide tablet, once added to a specific volume of water, reacts quickly and safe into a long lasting active chlorine dioxide solution.

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Water Temp. Full Reaction Time Comments
40 °C < 10 minute Maximum Temp.
30 °C < 20 minutes ———–
20 °C < 30 minutes Ideal Temp.
10 °C > 60 Minutes (up to 6 hours) Longer reaction time
  • Dutrion active disinfectant tablet is a fast and wide spectrum of bacteria for drinking water systems.
  • Safe concept compared to other chlorine dioxide products.
  • Easy to operate, supplied with a metering dosing pump
  • Efficient in a broad range of pH values of water (4 to 10). Does not change the pH of water.
  • Comes in tablet form that easily dissolves
  • The chlorine dioxide solution has a long shelf life

Mixing Instructions

  • Fill the 100 Litre chemical tank with potable water
  • Find the temperature of the water in the container (optimum is 20 degree Celsius)
  • Add slowly the required number of tablets to the water in the container
  • Close container quick and tightly. Do not stir or mix the water or shake the container
  • Wait according to timetable instructions
  • After reaction time; stir/mix in the container slowly
  • Chlorine dioxide solution is now ready for dosing
In-line Flow rate (L/hr) @ 3 bar 2.4LPH Dosing rate 400 600 1000 2000 5000 10 000
No. of  tables (500 grams) / 100 L Tank 2 3 4 8 20 40
Dosing pump setting (%) 30 30 30 30 30 30


Please refer to your dosing pump curve to ensure flow rates and back pressures are correctly considered.