Aquamat Anti-Scale System DPBDC

Aquamat’s anti-scale filter is a non-proportional polyphosphate crystal dosing system capable of resolving problems related to limescale and corrosion deposits in water systems.

Siliphos treatment is a simple, effective and economic solution for the problem of scale deposits. When dissolved in water, the polyphosphate prevents the formation of calcium carbonate encrustation by acting upon its crystallization, without affecting the hardness of the water. Over time, it also tends to break down existing deposits. Siliphos also provide effective protection against corrosion by creating a thin protective film on the surface of the pipes, coils and water heaters.




Specifications High pressure system Low pressure system
Inlet/outlet diameter 1″ or 1.5″ 1.5″
Max working pressure 8 bar 2.3 bar
Max temperature for housings 40 ºC
Max temperature for crystals 70 °C
Average dissolution in clean water 0.03-0.05 g/24 hours
Average treatment per kg of crystals 100 000L