Altas Filtri Oasis DP Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System


The process includes multiple phases: the water is subject to triple pre-filtration to eliminate impurities, pollutants, bad odours and flavours; subsequently it is channeled through the osmotic membrane where the reverse osmosis phenomenon takes place.

The water is then collected in the accumulation tank, pushed into the granular activated carbon system for post filtration and finally into the remineralizator, in order to rebalance organoleptic properties.

The OASIS DP RO reverse osmosis water filters are equipped with bracket for wall installation and available in the standard versions, booster pump, UV steriliser and UV-pump in order to respond to the different requirements.

The OASIS DP RO reverse osmosis systems are supplied with SX (DOE) cartridges of 10” height, they have been tested and certified at an international level in order to ensure excellent performance and greater product quality.

What’s in the box?

  • Mounting bracket
  • 10-inch sediment filter 1-micron
  • 10-inch granular activated carbon
  • 10-inch activated carbon block with 5-micron filter
  • DOW FILMTEC 50GPD reverse osmosis membrane
  • Silent booster pump
  • 1 plastic housing spanner (special tool for replacing the filters)
  • 1/4 inch white tubing
  • 5 x 10-inch slim filter housings
  • RO membrane housing
  • Long reach chrome faucet
  • T33 taste and odour filter
  • Pipe fittings (joints, elbows, t-joints, non-return valve, valves)
  • Flow restrictor
  • Plastic pressure protection valve
  • Filter dimensions: 10 x 2.5 Inch (6.35cm x 25.4cm)
  • Aquamat remineralization filter (Stage6)
  Treatment capacity: 190 Litres per day
 Rated Power: 29W
 Verification: Water Quality Association
 Minimum Inlet pressure: 1.2 bar
 Suggested Inlet Pressure: 2 bar
 Maximum Inlet pressure: 6 bar
 Feed Source: Municipal supply
 Inlet water TDS: <500 ppm(Salinity)
 Inlet water Total Hardness: <100ppm
 iron: 0 ppm
 Manganese: 0 ppm

Designed for reliability and durability

  • Features a DOW FILMTEC reverse osmosis membrane and a booster pump for constant, smooth operation
  • Eliminates up to 90% of total dissolved solids, +99% of harmful contaminants in water such as bacteria, viruses, radium, lead, chlorine & arsenic
  • Fits neatly under the sink & maintenance is easy
  • Can produce up to 190 Litres of filtered water per day