Aquamat Manganese Dioxide Iron Removal Filter


Iron and manganese can impart an unpleasant taste, odour, and colour to water. Iron stains laundry, ceramic, dishes, utensils, glassware, sinks, fixtures, and concrete reddish-brown. Manganese stains the same materials brownish-black. Chlorine bleach and alkaline builders (such as salt and carbonate) may even make the stains worse.





KATALOX LIGHT® is being used in numerous systems for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal applications worldwide, for High-level filtration, colour and odour removal, Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulphide removal, efficient reduction of Arsenic, Zinc, Copper, Lead, Radium, Uranium and other radionuclides and heavy metals.

Filter Performance

Katalox is a ZEOSORB media treated with oxides of manganese as a source of oxygen to oxidize a number of contaminants including Iron, Manganese, Arsenic, Hydrogen sulphide, Uranium and Radium from contaminated waters, depending on the pH and level of contamination. The Katalox-Light® media is the only catalytic media with the highest surface area which removes turbidity, and suspended solids up to less than (< 3 microns).

Equipment Maintenance

An electrical connection is needed. It is essential to ensure incoming and outgoing water connections, as well as wastewater discharge lines.


Feed water enters the unit and passes through the Sediment Katalox filter media to reduce and eliminate suspended solids down to 3 microns, oxidizes and filters out Iron & Manganese. Katalox provides a much larger surface area on which the oxidation reaction accelerates. The higher surface area also allows for a low head loss during filtration. Periodically, the media is backwashed to remove any accumulated particulate matter.

The filter unit comprises a floor-standing reinforced fiberglass cylinder fitted with a time-set automatic backwash valve.

Automatic Timer Control

The backwashing process is initiated by the elapsed time since the last backwash

Feed water bypass to service during backwash –

Provides a continuous supply of water even during the backwashing process

Katalox is a high content (10%) gamma Manganese dioxide (MnO2) coated ZEOSORB, offering mechanical filtration and catalytic precipitation.

  • Backwashing water demand is 60% less than Greensand Plus and Filter-OX
  • Replacement frequency every 7-10 years
  • Removes Iron up to 100 mg/L & Manganese up to 20 mg/
  • Pre-oxidation is not a requisite, but may be necessary for higher concentrations
Required Services
Electrical ** 220v ,50Hz
Feed water pressure 2 – 7 Bar
Feed water temperature 1 – 50∈C
Drain Sized to accommodate backwash flow rate
Conditions for Operation Range Supplementary products
Water pH 5.8 – 10.5 AQ pH Correction
Max. Water Temp 40ºC .
Suspended Solids <40 mg/L Flocculation System
Min. Inlet Pressure 2 bar Booster Pump
Max. Inlet Pressure 7 bar Pressure Regulating Valve
Vacuum Not Permitted Vacuum Breaker
Model Name (AKF10)
Flow rates [M3/hr]
Maximum Service Flow (dependent on contaminants) 1,0
Pressure drop @ MAX service flow (bar) 0,28
Backwash flow rate (m3) 0.75
Effluent volume (m3) @ 6 min Backwash Time 0,075
Connections – BSP (inches)
Inlet 1
Outlet 1
Drain 1
Dimensions (mm)
Height (Inc. Control valve) 1381
Diameter 268
Weight (kg)
Vessel 8
Working 61