Chlorine (Sodium Hypochloride)

Sodium hypochlorite is widely used in various applications. It is used on a large scale for water and surface purification, bleaching, odour removal, and water disinfection. Sodium hypochlorite is light yellow with a strong bleach odour. Sodium hypochlorite is a chemical that is produced through the mixing of caustic soda, liquid chlorine and water. Aquamat supplies concentration of 12.5% by weight of sodium hypochlorite




Water Temp. Full Reaction Time Comments
40 °C < 10 minute Maximum Temp.
30 °C < 20 minutes ———–
20 °C < 30 minutes Ideal Temp.
10 °C > 60 Minutes (up to 6 hours) Longer reaction time


Bleaching: Sodium hypochlorite is one of the first, if not the first, chemical bleaching developed and produced in large amounts by the industry. It is one of the most powerful bleaching agents available and thanks to its remarkable ability to eliminate stains and coloration, the product is also traditionally used in household cleaning to remove particularly resistant stains.

Disinfection: Sodium hypochlorite is also one of the most effective disinfecting agents. Its ability to pass through the cell membranes, joined to its high chemical potential, permits the product to kill practically every kind of microorganism, even at low temperature and low concentration. Due to that, sodium hypochlorite is widely used in industrial and household applications for fast and ensured disinfecting action. It is also widely used in the sterilization of potable water.

Oxidation: Sodium hypochlorite shows a very high chemical potential. This property is exploited in a wide range of chemical reactions.

Mixing Instructions

  • Fill in the required volume of chemical to the chemical tank
  • Fill up the tank to the 100 Litre mark with potable water
  • Stir/mix in the container slowly
  • Close container quick and tightly.
  • The solution is now ready for dosing
In-Line Flow rate (L/hr) @ 3 bar 2.4LPH Dosing rate to achieve 3mg/l Free Clorine 400 600 1000 2000 5000 10 000
Volume of chemical (L) / 100 L Tank 0.4 0.6 1 2 5 10
Dosing pump setting (%) 30 30 30 30 30 30

Please refer to your dosing pump curve to ensure flow rates and back pressures are correctly considered.