Coagulants are used to ensure efficient flocculation of sediment and impurities in water. Aquamat has a wide range of standard coagulants, and custom coagulant mixing is also available.

Features And Benefits
• Synergistic blend for improved clarification results at lower dosages
• Exhibits good performance on low to high turbidity water
• Is effective over a broad pH range
• Exhibits minimal pH depression reducing or negating the use of pH
correction chemicals
• Liquid product that is safe and convenient to handle and dose accurately

Physical and Chemical Properties
Chemical Class Liquid
Description Preparation
Boiling Point Similar to water
Flash Point Not applicable
Auto Igition Temp Not applicable
Explosive Properties Not applicable
Solubility In Water Complete
Ph 2.00 – 4.00
Decomposition Temp 100°C
Sg 1.18