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AQUAMAT SA Pty Ltd has developed water treatment technology and equipment geared towards mining applications. We offer systems for treating potable, waste and process water which are most relevant for your industry. It becomes mandatory to have the filtration systems and processes in place to ensure minimal damage to the environment, the ability to supply drinking water from any contaminated water source, and of course to ensure that the water used in the mining processes does not hinder the results of your mining efforts or cause damage to your machinery.

Aquamat offers water solutions for the required filtration and treatment processes specific to the harsh conditions found in the mining environment. From reverse osmosis and water sterilisation systems, to filtration, water softeners, descalers and mobile water systems.

Reverse osmosis systems are essential for ultra-refined water when mining minerals and other elements. It ensures a cleaner process when extracting and sorting the minerals required. 

Water sterilisation is essential in removing and inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, ozone and chlorine amongst other bacteria and living organisms. This is essential not only for offering drinking water, but also for ensuring that the elements that are mined do not become tainted by harmful natural processes.

Filtration systems become important when there is a need for clean potable water. They work by removing the harmful pathogens which cause disease. They are also essential in secondary waste water applications.

Water softeners and descalers assist in preventing damage to your drilling machinery and other such equipment which would usually make use of hard water in the mining process. You are essentially preventing the problem, rather than having to fix it later.

Mobile water systems are invaluable in harsh conditions and these are usually the environments where mining takes place. Therefore having a mobile water system to supply drinkable water from any available water source will save a lot of headaches and money.

Aquamat’s products offer you the best remote water solutions, ensuring recycling and production water is of the standard you require and expect. Our solutions ensure you are able to preserve your machinery and offer drinking water from any water source.

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