Manufacturing Process Water (BWRO)

Aquamat  was approached by an international client to assist them with a cost effective solution that will provide them with peace of mind in their manufacturing process water quality due to confirmation of below standard water distribution to their premises. Aquamat had an answer and provided a custom engineered solution based on their current supply of feed water and treating it to a high purity standard allowing them to meet their Zero Defect Strategy.


Chemical & filtration pre-treatment

  • Sediment filtration
  • Chlorine removal
  • Organic absorption
  • Anti scalant treatment

Ease of operation

  • Automated backwashing
  • Proportional dosing
  • Auto shut off & alarm on low chemicals
  • Integrated control panel for automatic stop/start to meet demand or react to upstream failure
  • Storage and chemical tank level indication

Reverse osmosis Design

  • Reducing their TDS to acceptable levels
  • Elimination of microbial growth in their process water
  • 75% recovery
  • Pre-micron filtration
  • RO Flush adjustable time settings
  • Plug & Play CIP skid
  • Manual RO pump pressure control

Post treatment

  • Ph Correction
  • Chlorination