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AQUAMAT SA Pty Ltd have for years been developing and improving water treatment systems for a wide range of industries. The unique water requirements of the manufacturing, production and processing industry are completely understood and provided for by our systems and processes. From reverse osmosis and water sterilisation systems, to filtration, water softeners, descalers and bottling plants, we have the water solution for your industrial needs.

Reverse osmosis systems are a cost effective and essential part of your industrial water system, as they ensure recyclable water is efficiently provided by removing all dissolved solids. This system is becoming more widely utilised in industrial applications to ensure waste water is properly maintained. 

Water sterilisation is essential in removing and inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, ozone and chlorine amongst other bacteria and living organisms. This is essential not only for drinking water, but also for ensuring that water is clean, and not tainted by the harmful natural processes which water undergoes when it comes into contact with other minerals, gases and elements.

Filtration systems become important when there is a need to re-use and ensure waste water is properly filtered for further processes. They work by removing the harmful pathogens which cause disease and are essential for processes which utilise waste or secondary water, and require quality effluent on a daily basis.

Any piping or machinery that is used for water applications is subject to damage and corrosion through hard water. Water softeners and descalers will assist in preventing damage to the machinery and pipelines. You are essentially preventing the problem, rather than having to fix it later.

Bottling plants are a great way to save money and ensure there is plenty of clean drinking water on site. Aquamat offer bottling plants which are compact and efficient, and are capable of offering 3000ltr/hr of bottled water. The bottling plants can also be adapted to incorporate reverse osmosis, remineralisation, sparkling or flavoured water.

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