High Purity Process Water

Aquamat was recently contracted to provide a high profile international medical device manufacturer to design, build and commission a high purity process water plant to produce water suitable for cleaning purposes to meet strict hygienic requirements as well as meeting high purity standards for quality requirements.



  • 20Kl feed storage/buffer tank
  • Free chlorine removal
  • TOC reduction
  • Automatic pulse anti-scalant dosing
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • SS316 Product storage tanks
  • Duty/standby stainless steel pumps
  • Live quality monitoring for PH & EC

Ease of operation

  • Automatic pre-treatment backwashing & system flushing
  • Auto shut off & alarm on low chemicals, no flow and out of range pressure
  • Integrated control panel for automatic stop/start to meet demand or react to upstream/downstream failure
  • Operator duties limited to chemical top-up and monitoring