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Filter Media

The Filter Media are essential elements in the filtration process. Depending on your requirements and application, you will need to make use of the following media: Silica Filter Sand, Turbidex(Zeolite), BIRM - Iron removal, Activated Carbon - Coconut Shell, Anthracite, Garnet. These elements are used to remove, taste, odour, chlorine and even certain solids in the water supply.

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Turbidex Filter Media (5 micron)

  • Turbidex granules consist of a high surface area alumino-silicate mineral that provides exceptional suspended solid filtration.
  • The microporous nature of this media allows for filtration at levels below 5 microns in particle size.
  • This makes it the perfect filtration media for any application where solids removal is essential to the process.


Garnet 22,7Kg


Anthracite 20Kg


This is a coal based substance used as support to activated carbon, to remove taste, odour and excess chlorine in water purification.

Activated Carbon 25Kg


A coconut-shell based media applied in water purification to remove taste and odour, with a high capacity for removal of excess chlorine.

Birm Heavy Metal Removal Media

  • A biological Iron removal media with an electrolytic manganese dioxide base.  This high oxidant is used to remove heavy metals (Iron and Manganese as well as sulphates) by oxidation.
  • No recharge is required, only backwash needed to remove sediment.
  • It has a lifespan of up to 5 years if properly serviced


Silica Sand 40Kg

Dry graded silica sand bag
  • This is used as a filter media to remove solids to a level of 30-40 micron in water purification where solids removal is essential to the process.
  • It is available in various grades of granule size.